Tuesday, May 8, 2018

IT Works Compensation Plan


It Works compensation plan is generous along with the bonuses! *IT Works compensation plan may change. Please contact me to be sure you're reading the newest compensation plan chart available.
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It Works compensation plan wants to set you up for success from your first 30 days!
You always want to be sure you're commission qualified from the very beginning so you never miss out on commissions or bonuses. To do that... you have to have 150 in sales/orders OR set up your 80 bv autoshipment to run. The autoshipment is the one I use!  That's why subscription boxes are such a big hit. I know that I love to know that the products our family uses on a daily basis will not run out because we'll get the next ones at the exact time we need them. I also love that I can change my order or add to it as needed!   These are lifestyle products... vitamins, supplements, etc... and you don't want to run out!

 IT works compensation plan, commissions, bonuses


This shows the average It Works commissions monthly... but some are much more than average.

IT Works compensation plan image
IT Works Compensation Plan


IT Works compensation plan offers unlimited $100 It Works bonuses. WHAT?! Yes that's exactly right and they come in very handy.  It's super simple to earn.... when you have a new team member join you because you shared this opportunity with them and they follow the plan and get their first 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days of their business AND meet that requirement I mentioned to you above on not missing out on commissions which is to turn on their 80 bv autoshipment OR getting their 150 in sales/orders... that shows you helped show them how to start off on the right path and you get a $100 bonus!
 I also love that I can earn keto coffee cash or wrap cash on the go and offer sample packs.

Take a peek at a little of this info and remember to contact me for the newest one sent to you!

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