Monday, October 23, 2017



Fall is one of my favorite seasons here in Michigan! But you can add a touch of fall to your home no matter where you live (I’m looking at you, Florida!) with your It Works! Essential Oils and a few supplies!
Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones: Nothing says fall like freshly fallen pine cones. The store-bought variety are full of artificial scents (and lacking the memories of gathering and making them yourself!), so here’s an easy way to make your own!
• Pine cones (gathered or store-bought)
• 8oz glass spray bottle
• 30 drops It Works! DEFEND
• Distilled water

If you have gathered your own pinecones, you’ll need to bake them for an hour in a 200-degree oven to help them open up. While the pinecones are cooling, mix up your spray bottle filled with distilled water and 30 drops of It Works! DEFEND, and shake well. Place cooled pinecones in a plastic bag and spray them down. Shake the bag to help distribute the oil well. Seal the bag and let it set for a few days to let the scent soak in.
Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe: Nothing says fall like pulling a few sweaters out of storage! But you don’t want to smell like you’ve been in a tub in the attic just because your clothes have!
Here’s a clothing spray that will help take the storage smell out of your clothes:
• 8oz glass spray bottle
• 25 drops It Works! DEFEND or CLEAR
• Distilled water
• Shake well and lightly spray clothes

Pumpkin Preserving Spray: Jack-O-Lanterns are the classic end to everyone’s October, but they don’t last long on warm, sunny days! Want to make all your carving efforts last? Try this easy preserving spray:
• 8oz spray bottle
• 1 capful peppermint liquid Castile soap
• 10 drops It Works! CLEAR

Add Castile soap and It Works! CLEAR to a spray bottle. Fill with distilled water and shake well. Spray carved pumpkins thoroughly. Be sure to spray inside, outside, and around the carved areas.
Keep your fall fresh with your favorite It Works! Essential Oils!

*CREDIT: IT Works Global and Essentials with Sarah

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