Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cleaning with IT Works! Essential Oils

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The holidays are wrapping up, and you are probably already thinking about the new year that’s coming! Get ready for 2017 when you recharge yourself and your home with a little TLC and, of course, your It Works! Essential Oils!
Start the new year with a clean home! Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil or Tea Tree Essential Oil for your own DIY cleaner to clean shelves or drawers. And while you’re cleaning, it’s a good time to de-clutter! Set up the Essential Diffuser with It Works! CLEAR and be inspired to "clear" out some stuff! Donate unused items to someone in need or your favorite charity. Doesn’t that feel GOOD?!
The New Year is a great time to flip and clean the mattress when you deodorize by spraying it down with a mixture of Tea Tree Essential Oil and distilled water. If you’ve been neglecting your comforter and pillows, now’s a great time to wash all the bedding with a little Lavender Essential Oil.
Give your make-up brushes a good cleaning without harsh chemicals by using It Works! Essential Oils! Create your own cleaning mixture of:
1 tsp liquid castile soap
Rinse the bristles under warm running water. Pour a little of your cleaning mixture into a shallow bowl and gently swirl the bristles of the brush. Rinse under warm running water until it rinses clean and then allow to air dry.
With everything from 2016 cleaned and cleared out, you’ve made room to commit and don’t quit to new goals and plans for 2017! May this be your best year yet, full of It Works! Adventure!

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