Sunday, November 6, 2016

Essential Oil tips for your home for the holidays

Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays!

Are you hosting guests at your house for the holidays? Give them the ultimate welcome with It Works! Essential Oils!
Start with the guest room:
  • • Help your guests get a good night’s sleep with Lavender Essential Oil-scented pillows.
  • • Ear plugs can help lighter sleepers, especially if people are sleeping in tight quarters! Scent them with a little It Works! CHILL to help ease any travel tension.
  • • Leave the Essential Diffuser on a tray next to the bed for your guests with some It Works! CLEAR to help them get a refreshing night’s sleep! Include Lemon Essential Oil for diffusing if they want a blissful burst of lemon-fresh energy, or include a note about lemon’s amazing stain-fighting properties for those unexpected messes (just apply Lemon Essential Oil to the stain and then straight to the wash!)
  • • Scent the tissue box with Eucalyptus Essential Oil for those guests that come with colds or airplane congestion!
Don’t forget the bathroom: Create a deodorizing spray with water, witch hazel, and Tea Tree Essential Oil, because we all know how it can be with a few extra bodies sharing the bathroom!

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