Sunday, July 10, 2016

Meet Katie! IT Works Success Story

Meet Katie!☺️💕 Her story is AMAZING!🌟 she just graduated college from UT!

A little over a year ago, her dermatologist recommended our Hair Skin Nail supplement to her because her hair was so thin and brittle!😦 She fell in LOVE with what the product did for her hair.... So she ended up joining as a rep!💓 at the time, she was working THREE other jobs, was taking 19 credit hours in college, in #PhiMu sorority, a Cross leader, and in a serious relationship!!!!! She joined this business to make extra cash, and then eventually quit her jobs to obtain real #FREEDOMof time⏰ AND finances💰! Katie had such a busy schedule, but she didn't let that become an excuse of why she couldn't be successful!🙅🏽 she fought hard with her business, eventually quit ALL 3 jobs, and now..... She has graduated college and NEVER will even have to get another job!

She is now a Double Diamond💎💎 averaging $6,000+ per month and her boyfriend, Ryan, is a Diamond making an average of $2,000+ per month!😱 Katie works her business 100% from her cellphone📱 She is absolutely LOVING the freedom ItWorks has given her and says she would never take back the decision of joining!

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