Thursday, June 30, 2016

It Works Greens


One of my favorite products that I take daily is our It Works Greens! I can feel the difference when I miss them which is very rare.  Greens and Greens on the go are available in Berry or Orange. I mix in pineapple, grape, orange, or other juices OR in a smoothie or sometimes just water.  Greens are great for those who don't get enough fruits and vegetables which is pretty much all of us! It's an easy , affordable way to get alot of nutrition for your body including 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables, 38 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods:

It Works Greens pic
IT Works Greens

When I'm home I use 2 scoops out of my Greens tub :

IT Works Greens pic
It Works Greens

When I'm busy and on the go.. I use my premeasured Greens On The Go in my Blender Bottle with juice OR I pour into a bottle of water:

It Works Greens On The Go blender bottle

 It Works Greens on the Go

Greens Chews make a healthy, tasty snack and give me antioxidant and prebiotic support. 

 It Works Greens Chews
It Works Greens Chews

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