Thursday, June 30, 2016

It Works Trial Wraps Tyler Texas

 It Works Body Wraps in Tyler Texas

Are you near Tyler Texas? Are you curious about our Body Wraps and just want to try one to get an idea what they're like?   You can try one body wrap when you can meet locally for $25 .. one wrap is a treat.. 4 is a treatment which is why there are 4 wraps in a box. Some use one treatment and some use continuously each month for maintenance. When you're ready to purchase an entire box.. you can purchase as a retail customer for $99 or you can ask me about my loyal customer program which makes a box of 4 only $59 AND you can save up to 40% on ALL of our products FOR LIFE.

Where can you wrap? Tummy, legs, love handles, arms, chin, neck and we even have a special facial wrap!  Don't know how to wrap? I have a special Wrap App just for you that shows you step by step.

I look forward to being your Tyler Texas It Works Distributor and sharing your It Works journey with you.  I love referrals!  I'm always looking to share our products with new customers and to help someone who needs additional income with the business opportunity. Know a hairstylist you would love to carry our products? Let them know and I can send them a salon proposal.

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Tyler Texas It Works Body Wraps Distributor pic
Tyler Texas It Works Body Wraps Distributor

It Works Greens


One of my favorite products that I take daily is our It Works Greens! I can feel the difference when I miss them which is very rare.  It Works Greens on the go are available in Berry or Orange. Greens are available in Berry, Orange or NEW Chocolate. I mix in pineapple, grape, orange, or other juices OR in a smoothie or sometimes just water.  It Works Greens Chocolate is great in coconut milk or mixed with my Chocolate or Vanilla Shake mix.  IT Works Greens are great for those who don't get enough fruits and vegetables which is pretty much all of us! It's an easy , affordable way to get alot of nutrition for your body including 34 fruits and vegetables,  52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods:

When I'm home I use 2 scoops out of my Greens tub :

When I'm busy and on the go.. I use my premeasured Greens On The Go in my Blender Bottle with juice OR I pour into a bottle of water:

IT Works Greens on the Go image
IT Works Greens on the Go

Greens Chews make a healthy, tasty snack and give me antioxidant and prebiotic support. 

 It Works Greens Chews image
It Works Greens Chews

NEW It Works Greens flavor now in Chocolate! Tastes like YooHoo but sooo good for you. Great for picky eaters or people on the go!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

IT Works Cleanse Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Don't miss it! One of our hottest selling products that has completely SOLD OUT and been on backorder more than once is BACK and on sale for 2 days. Buy 2 get 1 Free of our IT Works Cleanse. This cleanse is only 2 days and 4 bottles. It's gluten free and gentle so no living in the restroom.   Check out a couple of the IT Works Cleanse awesome before/after results pics then ORDER YOUR IT WORKS CLEANSE! Also available in the Wrap-Remove-Reboot System.
ENDS JUNE 30, 2016

It Works Cleanse pic
IT Works Cleanse

It Works Cleanse pic