Thursday, September 21, 2017

IS IT Works in Mexico?


The question I get daily... is It Works in Mexico???

IT Works is in many other countries and still in the process of expansion so if we aren't in your country yet... we may be soon!

I can't wait to grow my family of team  members and customers when It Works is in Mexico!!!

Talk to you soon!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Enter to Win a FREE Body Wrap Sample

 Enter to Win a FREE Body Wrap

Jackie's story...

There's more to life than struggling with debt, working your life away, not being with your family enough... READ Jackie's story and if you feel something that connects with you .. let's chat about your goals so we can share YOUR story! MY mission is to have an entire team of ladies earning 6 figures!!

"I can’t believe that June was my 5 year anniversary with It Works Global! Life looks a lot different today, thanks to this amazing company! When I joined in 2012, I was working full time as a labor and delivery RN, loving my job and making a decent living. However, I was still struggling to get ahead on student loans and credit card debt. After the mortgage and monthly bills were paid, I was only able to pay the minimum due on my credit cards and student loans. Month after month it felt like the amount I owed never changed! It was so frustrating!
Having debt is stressful and I was ready to do whatever I could to try to get it paid off fast! So to make extra cash, I picked up 12 hour overtime shifts weekly and did that for as long as I could before I became burnt out. I needed something else and knew I couldn’t go on working this way for much longer.
Everyone always says you don’t find It Works, It finds you when you need it most and that’s 100% true in my case. My best friend, Sarah, joined It Works and to say I was skeptical is an understatement. I didn’t jump at the opportunity right away and did what many of you did for the first couple months of hearing about It Works….quietly watched from afar. I watched her successes and finally decided that I’d be a fool to not give this a try. What I had been doing to try to pay off debt wasn’t working, so it was time to change it up!
While I built my business, I continued to work full time as an RN (minus the dreaded overtime shifts) and was able to go Triple Diamond in 10 months! When I saw my first triple check, my jaw hit the floor! I had surpassed my RN income 3x over and I knew that triple was not where I was stopping. A few months later, thanks to It Works, I was able to go part time at the hospital. I continued to work towards my next goal of Presidential and had already paid off thousands in credit card debt, which was a huge weight lifted off my chest.
I continued to work part time as an RN until September 2014. That was the month I made a huge cross country move from AZ to MI. I was able to retire from nursing altogether when I moved, which was so important because that meant I didn’t have to hustle to find a new job in a new state. Moving is stressful enough and is even more stressful when having to deal with re-licensing and job hunting. After my move to MI, I went Presidential Diamond and earned a $50,000 bonus!
In total, this business has blessed me with over $95,000 in bonuses alone! It’s allowed me to pay off thousands in credit card debt, helped me pay off over $25,000 in student loan debt, and allowed us to pay for our entire cross country move in cash! Making 6 figures from home is possible and if I can do it, anyone can!
Money aside, this business has also blessed me with something even more important…freedom of time. Owning your time is invaluable and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to be present for all the important moments in my family’s life without having to pick and choose.
I’m so grateful I said Yes to this $99 opportunity and can’t imagine where my life would be today without It Works Global."

Saturday, September 16, 2017


We have weekly online wrap parties to share some great info with you about our company that's global!
I love helping others with their lifestyle, makeover, health/wellness goals! Enjoy this Wrap Party and after you watch if you have questions, just message me for more info!

Easy to contact me:

Friday, September 15, 2017


Watch this fun video on IT Works

SUPER fun wrap party! Questions answered about products AND how we make $$$!! Watch and message me with questions! 

😍🎉😱  my 



Thursday, September 7, 2017


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